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Long Term Investment Course

Course Summary: Strategy For Long Term Investors

An investor is possessive about his investment. Therefore, to ensure the expected results, the proper knowledge is essential. For all those investors who believe in long term investment plan we at Tradingstation offer a long term investment course. The main teaching in this long term investment course is, how can an investor exit his long term share market investment with assured profit.

Discussed below is the detail of stock market investment course curriculum along with the fee structure. We assure that the aspirant feels confident in trading when the course is accomplished. The objective behind the long term investment course is to give aspirants complete share market investment training by doing paper training in which aspirants use all the strategies of investment as discussed.

The course content consists of learning one strategy for interpreting the technical indicators on different time frames, to take a long term view on the price movement of a stock.

The strategy is based on very powerful technical indicator HAI KIN ASHI, which has the inbuilt characteristic of beating the “Market Volatility”. Market volatility can defeat the best of the managers with best of the strategies if the choice of the technical indicator is not correct. HAI KIN ASHI Indicator absorbs the market volatility and saves the trader from taking small trades time and again.

Along with HAI KIN ASHI we make you understand the interpretation of the supporting indicators viz STOCKASTIC & MACDH, along with some moving averages

Here we share with you

  1. How to interpret the HAI KIN ASHI indicator individually and in combination of other supporting indicators to identify the triggers for entry?
  2. How to identify the entry levels?
  3. How to identify the support & resistance levels and counter the same, if coming in the way of the exit target levels?

Time Duration of The Course:

Two sessions of two and half hours each. After completing the 1st session, wherein all the strategy is shared with you, we suggest you to go for practice sessions by way of paper trading for at least one to two weeks and note down your doubts if any. Then the final session of two & half hours is taken up to clear all your doubts so that you can start actual trading with full confidence.

Course Fees:
You can learn this strategy at a nominal price of INR15,000 plus 18% GST= INR 17700

On paying lump sum, you enjoy 10% discount, and the fee will be INR 13500 plus 18% GST= INR 15930

Session Days & Timings

Sessions are held on every Saturdays and Sundays from 11.30 AM TO 2.00 PM

Extensive & Modular Content to be Covered in Positional Trading Strategies

This strategy is good for medium to long term investors.This is a positional cum swing trading strategy.This strategy is good for investments in the Equity cash segment

MODULE ONE – Haikinashi + MACD + Stockastic + MACDH

This strategy is based on HAI KIN ASHI as the main technical indicator. Along with this, we use Stockastic & MACD in Histogram pattern and some moving averages as support indicators. The configurations of the Stockastic & MACDH are not default configurations but specifically drawn by us after using number of permutations and combinations over long trial periods for best results.

We share with you, how to interpret the changes in the above three indicators at any point of time for identifying the trading opportunities. This module is good for short, medium and long term positional trades.

Is This Course Right For You?


  • You are a long term investor.
  • Your capital base is good


  • You wish to become millionaire over night
  • You think stock market is gambling
  • If you think stock market is a luck or a lottery game

Pay as you Earn Program

For the benefit of learners and for making the payment facility easy we provide the facility of pay as you earn.

Under this facility, you can pay the fees in up to five monthly installments, whereas you learn the strategies in just one month. Thus you can pay the installments out of the profits you make by trading with the above strategies. Details of the payment based on installments are as follows:

INR 2700 Registration Fees

Balance in five monthly installments of INR 3,000 each subject to your providing a bank guarantee from your banker, in the prescribed format, for payment of monthly installment.

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Rs. 15930
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  • It’s totally interactive almost one on one sessions

Online Course

Rs. 15930
  • Personal touch and totally interactive
  • Better interaction leads to better understanding of the concepts
  • But involves time and travelling expense.

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