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About the Author – M S Vohra

I am an ex banker & was enjoying my retired life. Suddenly in 2008, the stock markets crashed all over the world and I saw my own investments crashing by more than 50% within days, before I could think of any corrective measures. That was the time, when I decided that in case, I have to invest in stock markets, I must understand and learn the same to avoid any future shocks.

In the process, I came to the conclusion that it’s better to trade or invest based on the technical indicators, as the technical indicators give the first indication of any change in the market perception. I read many books on the technical indicators and after understanding their behaviors’, tried to develop my own technical setups for trading.
Strategy is nothing but interpreting a technical set up. I dedicated four precious years of my life in developing and designing these technical setups and strategies. I developed my own skill set, and after using various permutations and combinations, I developed the configurations of various technical indicators for the best results.

I am imparting the training in these strategies to individuals and professionals who value learning and are interested in knowledge-based trading rather than playing a random bet.

I strictly believe that 90% of the success depends upon the skills, you acquire and 10% depends on unknown factor called “LUCK”. So Be wise & acquire the skills to be successful”.

” Trading is not hereditary trait, it needs to be learnt ! “

M S vohra (Manjeet Singh Vohra)

(Retd Banker)
Stock Market Strategist & Trainer
Master Trainer & Founder CEO
(Stock Market Trading Coaching Institute)
Certified Trading Professional
Investment adviser -SEBI Registered

Why You Should Choose Me

The first and foremost reason for anyone to choose me is my lifelong support and guidance to my trainees. I provide support to all whenever required even after the training is over.

1. My experience in training and trading is unbeatable
2. I offered one to one training classes. It tells that training is my passion and my wish to empower the young traders and not the thirst to earn money.
3. I have acquired the skills of trading by determination and hard work for several years, and now the same is being taught to my trainees
4. I have developed these skills and strategies on my own and have not acquired them from anyone.
5. I have a successful track record that is verifiable by my past performances.
6. The price at which I offer these training is competitive.

Unbeatable Experience

Nearly 10 years on trading experience. Kindly note its trading experience not training experience.

Time Tested Strategies

Acquired the skills of trading by
determination and hard work for several years

Successful Track Record

I trade on my own strategies. I have a successful track record that is verifiable by my past performances.

What Are My Personal Trading Performance

Unlike other trainers my strengths are I trade on my own strategies for past 4 years. I m a full time trader & full time trainer. All the trades reported under performance link are taken on my personal trading accounts and can be verified for your satisfaction.
Performance Details for December 2018

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