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Stock Market Training

The stock market is crammed with peoples who recognize the value of everything. learn the art of saving capital and garnering additional profit as you progress above the monetary ladder.

Stock Market Training

Stock market is among the most challenging and thrill full market. The people are always looking for expert advice to increase the possibility of profit of the investment made by them. We at Tradingstation believe in building the confidence on one’s own knowledge. Therefore, suggest all to go for the stock market training courses so that your stock market investment is self-driven.

Share market training is not at all complex, it is just the peoples thought that have made share market a mystery. We at tradingstation provide stock market training/ share market training with the motive of self-independence in share market. With the dedicated stock market training the aspirants can be ensure of money gain and enjoy trading either for extra income or by making it a core business.

Share market is a discipline study. Therefore we ensure complete learning during share market training course which includes behavioral learning and technical learning.

By registering here below we are going to share with you the free one hour demo session on the stock market trading. In this session we will share with you the salient features of our highly successful trading strategies. We will contact you for fixing the free demo session. A write up on this will also be sent to you through email as well as through whatsapp.

The complete stock market training course will make you a successful trader.

Few of the assured learning in share market training course includes:

How can one be a successful trader?
How to control your emotions with the change in the market.
Be a smart trader
Developing the behavioral characters which include emotion control, patience, believing and understanding.

Session Days & Timings

Sessions are held on every Saturdays and Sundays from 11.30 AM TO 2.00 PM?
Register below and understand more about share market with a short but valuable stock market training.

Bonus Section !

Below are Bonus We Offer

Monetary benefits for Immediate Subscribing

Special 10% discount in case you book & pay for your sessions by Wednesday for the sessions on the following Saturdays

Special discounts as follows
Yes we have a special bonus for each of you. We offer flat Rs 1000/- discount if

  • you book & pay for your sessions by Wednesday for the sessions on the following Saturdays
  • if you are a HOME MAKER (House wife) or WORKING WOMEN.
  • if you are a CA or other professionals.
  • if you & your spouse or friend also decides to take the sessions.
  •  if someone referred by you decides to take the sessions

Market hours and after market hours assistance

You will have the direct access to the land line and mobile number of the master trainer during market hours as well as after market hours for immediate assistance / clarification with regards to any trading decision to be taken by you.


I don't have any knowledge of technical indicators. Can I learn and use these strategies?

No prior knowledge of technical indicators or trading experience is required. We suggest you to please watch & listen to the video of Muskan Kapoor, here under and you will appreciate, how a 17years old girl, just out of school has not only become a professional trader in less than two years, after learning my strategies but have developed her own strategies based on the same technical indicators.

Do I need to buy any additional software?

No additional software is required. You need a trading platform, which has the charting tools with the charts of the stocks based on the technical indicators used in my strategies.

What support I can expect after completion of the sessions?

After completion of the sessions, during the practice period, you can send me sms, email, whatsapp or call me with your queries and I will try to clear your doubts. After the final session, in which all your doubts are cleared, if still any doubt persists, you can feel free to contact me and I will be happy to clear your doubts.

How much I can earn with this strategy?

You can make up to seven % on your capital per month. This is an average. In some months, it can be more and in some months, it can be less.

I am a house wife with no knowledge and experience of trading in stock markets. Will I be able to learn and do trading?

We suggest you to watch and listen to the video of Deepant Singh, a house wife, with a five year old school going kid, looking for financial independence and additional source of income, learned my strategies and successfully trading and making money from stock market.

I am a working professional / businessman. I cannot spare time during the day to do trading ?

If you are working professional or a businessman, you can still do trading and make stock trading as your second source of income. You can work on a higher time frame such as on weekly charts and in that case, you need to spare two hours on Saturday or Sunday, to plan the trades for the coming week and just thirty minutes in the morning and thirty minutes in the evening during week days.

How I will set up the charts?

After the completion of the sessions, I will help you in setting up the charts with required configurations.

How much capital is required to start ?

From our side, we have no stipulation for capital requirements but we suggest that, you should not invest more than 10% of your capital in any one trade or one stock.

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