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Meet Muskan Kapoor, a young enthusiastic girl who joined trading station two years back. She was 12 th pass out then. She came to me with no previous knowledge of stock market but she was full of  confidence and had zeal to learn the techniques I had to offer. These Strategies are developed by me based on technical indicator HAI KIN ASHI about two years back.

After just ten hours of training sessions Muskan had not just learnt the strategies but was ready to apply them to the stock market. She has proved that where there is a will there is a way. Today she is a successful trader and has developed her own trading strategies. As a strategist I get many calls where people show their apprehension to learn the strategy of trading in stock market citing various reasons for not been able to learn.

I want to tell one and all come with complete trust on me and confidence on you. I want all my trainees to be successful and optimistic for future. Shed your fear. In learning these strategy age and your background doesn’t matter. Everyone come here as novice and walk out as experienced trader.

I am really proud of Muskan and wish her all the success in all her future endeavors and wish to see her among the top professional traders in the years to come.

I feel proud as she has decided to launch her first strategy through me from my portal and she will be joining me in sharing her strategy with the subscribers. I have named the strategy developed by her as “Muskan high reward low risk positional cum swing trading strategy”. Muskan’s review that is also published on my website

“It’s an amazing strategy. I have seen my money multiplying every month. I am really thankful to my sir M S Vohra to teach me his strategy at such a nominal price. My no trade has gone wrong. This share market is no more gambling once you learn these strategies. Superb strategy and everyone should learn it. Multiply your money every month”.

1. Muskan Kapoor

Muskan Kapoor

2. Deepanti Singh

Depanti Singh

About the Author - M S Vohra

I am an ex banker & was enjoying my retired life. Suddenly in 2008, the stock markets crashed all over the world and I saw my own investments crashing by more than 50% within days, before I could think of any corrective measures. That was the time, when I decided that in case, I have to invest in stock markets, I must understand and learn the same to avoid any future shocks. 

In the process, I came to the conclusion that it's better to trade or invest based on the technical indicators, as the technical indicators give the first indication of any change in the market perception. I read many books on the technical indicators and after understanding their behaviors', tried to develop my own technical setups for trading.

Strategy is nothing but interpreting a technical set up. I dedicated four precious years of my life in developing and designing these technical setups and strategies. I developed my own skill set, and after using various permutations and combinations, I developed the configurations of various technical indicators for the best results.

I am imparting the training in these strategies to individuals and professionals who value learning and are interested in knowledge-based trading rather than playing a random bet.

I strictly believe that 90% of the success depends upon the skills, you acquire and 10% depends on unknown factor called "LUCK". So Be wise & acquire the skills to be successful".

" Trading is not hereditary trait, it needs to be learnt !"

Manjeet Singh Vohra
  • Investment Adviser - SEBI Registered 
  • Certification from NISM
  • Certified Trading Professional & Stock Market Investment Consultant
  • Stock Market Strategist & Trainer


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 All Courses Offered By Me

Strategies developed to catch the price momentum on real time basis for successful trades resulting in very high success rate along with an effort to protect your capital.

Strategies developed to trade in the f&o segment by ensuring that the risk potential is pre defined and limited with high risk reward ratio so that your capital remains in tact and you make good profits.

Strategies developed to catch the price near the bottom (at the termination of a down trend) or at the start of a new up trend on real time basis for successful trades resulting in very high success rate along with high profits and with an effort to protect your capital

Strategy developed for the benefit of the long term investors so that, they can invest and exit based on long term technical charts and make more profits, rather than holding the investment indefinitely and finally getting out with nominal profits All rights Reserved | SEBI Registration No : INA100000135

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