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Those already trading in the stock markets are well aware of the fact that “VOLATILITY” of the stock markets is one feature, which has defeated best of the traders with best of the strategies.

Ever since, I ventured in to the turbulent waters of the rough sea of stock market, I was trying hard to find some way to control the high and low waves of this sea to sail smoothly to the shores.

I tried almost all the traditional technical indicators but failed. Luckily about six months back, I came across A unique very rarely known and used eighteenth century old technical indicator. After observing it for some time, I tried to club it with present day and commonly used technical indicators and the result is amazing.

I have named my strategy based on this technical set up developed with the combination of very old and modern day technical indicators as UNIQUE TRADING STRATEGY SYSTEM.

Unique Trading Strategy System (UTSS), A unique trading set up to win over volatility in stock market trading is really unique as it filters the noise of the small moves of ups and downs in the price and allows you to trade smoothly for long and sometimes very long moves.

My recent trades in BHARTI, NMDC, LUPIN, IDEA just to quote a few are the best examples of perfection of this strategy. During the periods of the trades, I was holding, market declined on many days and even a major fall of 500 points on 05.04.2016, did not give any exit signal and finally I exited on my targets with very handsome profits. Details of these trades are already posted on my LinkedIn and face book pages.

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