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So you are interested in learning about the technical analysis and confused about where to start and which stock market courses to take?

Technical indicators and overlays available in the market are vast like an ocean. There are moving averages, Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku Cloud, Keltner Channels, Parabolic SAR, Pivot Points and list goes on and on.

It can make your head spin. To choose the best indicators and overlays will be a time-consuming process.

However, it is crucial to have stable and proven technical setups for a profitable trading. As an experienced investor and SEBI Registered investment advisor, I can tell you the first thing you need to do is to educate yourself.

Another best thing to do is to find a well-experienced mentor. An excellent mentor will save you from re-inventing the same wheel again.

He will provide his personal experience and learning’s to make things easier for you. All successful traders and investors have had mentors during their early days.

That is why I am here to help you today

Our industries best stock trading courses will change the way you think about the financial markets, and you will have a life-changing educational experience.

M S Vohra

SEBI Registered “Investment Adviser” Reg No INA100000135 ( CTP, Post graduate Mathematician, 15+years of Trading experience)

Myself, like any other average person, while working in the bank, used to invest in the indian markets through IPO’S only. In 1992, Harshad Mehta scam reduced the investments to zero. I again started investing in the secondary markets, based on the advice from friends and brokers. But the global financial crises in 2008, reduced my investments to 40-50%.

It was at that point of time; I decided first to learn, be an expert and then only start investing or trading in stock markets. I read many books to understand various technical indicators, then started developing technical setups. For more than a year, I practiced by paper trading, and when I was confident of the technical set ups developed by me, I started real trading and was very successful in it.

However, in view of my ambition, to develop a unique technical set up, for better results with almost 100% success rate, I continued to test more and more indicators with different configurations. I tried various permutations and combinations and finally zeroed down on the present technical setup.

About the Author

Mr M S Vohra is SEBI Registered “Investment Adviser” Reg No INA100000135 ( CTP, Post graduate Mathematician, 15+years of Trading experience Mr M S Vohra is the head of Technical Research at is Post graduate in Maths from Delhi University with distinction. He retired from the Senior Management Grade of a nationalized bank.He has been granted “Certificate of Registration” by SEBI as “Investment Adviser” vides Registration No INA100000135 valid from 22.08.2013 to 21.08.2023. He is one of the first 11 investment advisors registered by SEBI, including 4 corporate houses and 7 individuals

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