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In the stock market parleys, it is very commonly said that “you cannot catch the bottom and you cannot touch the top”, which means it is impossible to buy at the lowest levels and sell at the highest levels.

A unique trading set up is developed with the combination of a rarely known and used eighteenth century old technical indicator with present day and commonly used technical indicators, on different time frames to catch the price at the bottom.

Named as “Ultimate Trading Strategy” UTS is a sincere effort in catching the bottom and touching the top. You will be very close to the bottom and top, while trading with this strategy.

On 01.02.2016, when I recommended buy for ICICI Bank at 190.10, I received calls from my clients stating that this is not a practical call – reason – the stock price on that date was above 233. I advised them to wait as my system is indicating that the stock will touch that level and bounce back strongly. It touched that level on 17.02.2016 and bounced back and touched above 231. Gain of over 22% in 30 days working out to 264% annualized.

This is just an example of many such trades advised and taken successfully.

This is the perfection of my independent technical set up developed that I can, not only catch the stock near its bottom but exit near its top and thus not only make the maximum profit in a trade but protect my capital by minimizing the down ward risk.

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